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Dania Diaz

Your story with a deck of cards

Dania Diaz, Venezuelan illusionist recognized as one of the greatest female exponents of magic in the world

Her talent and charisma to tell stories through magic have led her to win numerous awards including the Latin American Award of magic in Flasoma Chile 2013 and the National Award of Spain 2016; in addition to awards and garlands in Colombia and Venezuela.

In 2018 she was a finalist in the TV show Got Talent Spain, where she got two golden passes and became the magician of the moment, a viral sensation with millions of plays of her performances and a community of more than 130 thousand followers on social networks. In 2019, she participated in America’s Got Talent The Champions, a talent show held in Los Angeles where she advanced to the semi-finals of the show. In February 2021 she triumphed in Las Vegas on the show Fool Us, where she managed to overcome the challenge of fooling the two great illusionists Penn & Teller, who have more than 40 years of experience in magic. 

Yours is more than a magic trick

Risto Mejide

It’s not magic, it’s emotion

Eva Hache

It was an absolutely amazing performance 
I think people are going to fall in love with you

Simon Cowell | Director de Sony Music
Dania Diaz

Your story with a deck of cards